One of the most sensational designers in the fashion world is Dries Van Noten who was born in 1958 in Belgium. He is a fashion designer of international fame and is associated with a fashion brand that is immensely popular. His Dries Van Noten Shirt, Dries Van Noten man is quite famous in the international circuit. The New York Times in the year 2005, has described him as one of the fashion’s greatest designers. His style was branded to be eccentric, was not favored in the minimalistic fashion during the early period of the 90’s.

However, Noten made a classic comeback in the mid 2000s and won Fashion designers American council International Award in the year 2008. In the very same year, he is said to have dressed the noted Hollywood actress, ‘Cate Blanchett’ during the Academy Awards, and for other events since then. His other notable clients included actress Maggie Gyllenhaal and Belgium’s Princess Mathilde. You can easily find his brands at the Dries Van Noten Shop, whose competition was from Comme des Garcos shirt shop and Comme des Garcons play shop.

Dries Van Noten Man was born in a family which was into garment making and trading. His grandfather used to be a tailor and his father had his own menswear shop. So we can say that fashion was in his blood. Noten was said to have graduated in the 1980s from Antwerp Academy and his career began in the year 1986 with his presentation of his menswear collection for the first time in London as a part of ‘Antwerp Six’ collection. Then he got some orders for his Dries Van Noten Shirt from the store Barneys New York which started to stock his collections. Dries Van Noten Shop became quite famous among fashion lovers from all parts of the world. Comme des Garcos shirt shop and Comme des Garcons play shop were the main competitors.

Haute couture is not offered by Dries Van Noten Man brand and its various ready to wear Dries Van Noten Shirt designs are easily available in a Dries Van Noten Shop. Noten’s collection is characterized by using colors, prints, layering and original fabrics and he is not known to advertise his collection.

You can find Dries Van Noten shop in many locations all over the world. The first one was opened in 1989 in Antwerp. His collection of Dries Van Noten shirt is famous among fashion lovers across the globe and is the most sought after. With time, his work has been appreciated and he is known to have dedicated his efforts to create distinctive prints and fabrics.

With the help of digital imaging, Noten has created some colorful and intricate patterns and his works are considered to be romantic. His clothes are said to project an unsustainable blend comprising of melancholy and beauty. He is considered to be one among the very few designers, the clothes of which does not seem to age. The dress that was worn in 1994 in the Paris Women debut can still be used today, which undoubtedly gives this great man the distinction of giving up to date fashion designs to clothe lovers.


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