Everybody requires a subtly designed and comfortable pair of canvas sneakers for kicking around during the summer months that are ahead. The best designers solve this issue for the common man with their ‘common projects’. They understand the different requirements of their customers and from time to time launch innovative and designer sneakers to match the season. This brand tends to incorporate classic Common Projects style and look, but with some modifications.

Common Projects has tried to get better with the casual line of sneakers and it incorporates the vibram soles and canvas uppers with the leather innards that are handmade in order to maintain top quality. Also, this is a popular brand is easily available and does not burn the pockets of the customers. You can have a preview of the latest collections at leading showrooms or on the different websites.

Common Projects is said to be based in Milan and New York. The brain behind this brand is Prathan Poopat, who is not only an art director, but also a graphic designing expert and the prestigious consultant, Flavio Girolami. Both the designers understand the requirements of their customers and hence have been coming out with various designer sneakers that have become an instant hit in the market.

They believe in maintaining the basic shoe style, especially the vintage, traditional fashionable looking ones. Apart from the basics, the only embroidery or decoration that they felt fit for their designer sneakers is the gold stamped code of color present on the shoes’ heel including the article number and size. What you should know is that each product that comes out from the workshop of Common Projects is made from the 100% premium Nappa Italian leather that actually separates it from other designers.

The sneakers of Common Projects go well with Dries Van Noten shirt, A.P.C. man brands and other designer clothes that are easily available in the leading Dries Van Noten shop and Comme des Garçons shirt shop. Being a popular brand, you can also find the Common Projects products from other showrooms and shopping complexes. The unique thing about this brand is its usage of colors for its products. The common color that is used is gray, white and black.

The shoes were designed primarily in this manner as the designers wanted their customers to look at the unique colors. But with other brands also coming up with the same type of colors, this brand is trying to expand its color base. The shoes from this brand is popular for its endurance as each pair is hand stitched to maintain quality and made of very fine leather. Therefore, this brand would be the perfect choice for people who would like to make a fashion statement.

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