If you have a taste for fashion, then you will certainly love the enticing collections presented by Dries Van Noten shop. Dries Van Noten is a distinguished brand selling clothes and accessories of top-notch quality. Its collection boasts of some really stunning looking T-shirts, cardigans, jackets, shirts and jeans. It also stocks stunning looking scarves and shoulder bags of the latest design. Some of its products are Habson cardigan, hable black T-shirt, hawtin striped T-shirt, patric navy short, patric trousers, vicco navy jacket, prosa tape trousers and vayle striped jacket. If you have a fetish for ties, then you will also be enamored by the fascinating collection stocked by Dries Van Noten shop. From plain to striped, these ties are available in a wide range of colors. You can also browse through handkerchief scarves, printed shoulder bags and silk bowties.

Philip Lim is another notable brand that deserves a space in our discussion. It is an international brand selling clothes and accessories of the latest design at really jaw-dropping prices. You can take a look at its collections and feel yourself getting drawn to it.

Some of the items stocked by Philip Lim shop are as follows:

  1. Beige pleated trousers: Beige pleated trousers can give you a cool, quirky appearance. They also look good with formals and can even give you a slightly geeky appearance.
  2. Beige pleated shorts: Philip Lim’s beige pleated shorts are warm and comfortable. You will love to slip into them during night or even during the day for a comfortable feel. Shorts are available in an exciting range of colors and are priced reasonably.
  3. Navy leather biker jacket: If you love jackets, you will surely cherish this piece in your wardrobe. Navy leather biker jacket is one of the hottest collections by Philip Lim. The jacket is styled to look stunning and comes at an attractive price.
  4. Tie-dye black tank T-shirt: Tank T-shirts are fast becoming quite popular especially amongst the gen-X folks. These T-shirts are cool-looking and perfectly show off your rippling muscles. They are available in a stunning range of colors.
  5. Convertible length white anorak: The convertible length white anorak is another enticing item from Philip Lim shop. It can make you look really handsome and can be teamed with both trousers and jeans.
  6. Bucket Leather bag: Philip Lim shop is also known for its accessories like this bucket leather bag which is impeccable in quality and gorgeous in looks. It can also beautifully complement your look.

Silent Damir Domma is another fetching brand known for its beautiful collections. From sweatshirts to T-shirts to trousers to jackets to cardigans, it stocks attractive items of all sizes and a deluge of colors. You will definitely appreciate the high quality of these garments which have been designed using rich fabric. Some of the products displayed by Silent Damir Domma are Palu black trousers, talvei polo shirt, sattu pocket white shirt, tevu sweatshirt, Trip longsleeve T-shirt, Tetor tank top, Pyoj grey shorts, Jathi leather Blouson jacket and Talai overlap cardigan.


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