Billionaire Boys Club or BBC as it is colloquially known is a street wear clothing brand in the luxury segment like Silent DamirDomma. It was established by Pharrell Williams of the Neptunes fame along with Nigo, the fashion icon of Japan in 2005. The BBC brand is into all sorts of clothing including shirts, jackets, jeans, sweatshirts, sweaters and shorts. The clothing range of BBC also consists of outerwear which is mainly available in leather, cotton, down and some technical materials. It also has a range of accessories comprising of hats, socks and underwear in the same league as porter.

The clothes of BBC are best defined as slouchy, baggy or loose-fitting and they have taken inspiration from the Hip-Hop culture. Since one of the founder members of the BBC is Nigo from Japan, the brand is also inspired by the Japanese street wear and hence there are plenty of bold colours, graphics and prints to be seen on its clothing range. The patterns are very different from the usual run-of-the-mill types and look very intriguing. BBC is also represented by skateboarders in the USA as the brand is known for its cutting edge fashion.

The BBC brand is known for its high-end luxury appeal and is manufactured in extremely limited editions making each piece a coveted item like those of LGR. The brand is expensive and commands a high price as befitting its stature. The availability of the BBC range of clothing and accessories is also strictly limited and is restricted to only a handful of retailers worldwide with the sole exception of Japan where it is retailed in a large number of places. Earlier, its manufacturing was strictly done in Japan but now the new season collections are increasingly being manufactured in Korea, China and Canada.

Catering mainly to the male age group between 16- 30, BBC is very much favoured by everyone from all walks of life and is extremely popular amongst college students, athletes, actors, musicians and even corporate executives. It is also a favourite amongst the Hip-Hop moguls. Its smaller sizes are meant to cater to women but now there are plans to launch a separate women’s line also. BBC is famous for its ‘all over print’ sweatshirts and goes for vintage styling. In the fall of 2012, the BBC is going to launch ‘Bee Line’ in collaboration with Mark McNairy or “McNasty”. It will focus on outerwear with emphasis on jackets of corduroy, tweed, cotton, leather and plaids and the fashion world is awaiting the event eagerly.

Billionaire Boys Club is an innovative mix of bright and bold colours, unique styling and unusual patterns and has deservedly earned its luxury tag.





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