Of all our senses, our olfactory senses are probably the strongest as they retain memories longer. Certain smells and scents become forever associated with specific memories. Perfumes have been in use since time immemorial and certain fragrances have carved out immortal spaces for themselves in the history of perfumes. Although perfumes can be got across a wide spectrum of prices, for a truly enchanting experience there is nothing to beat luxury fragrances. Just the way it is in luxury clothes like Silent DamirDomma or Billionaire Boys Club or accessories like Porter, luxury perfumes spell class and exclusivity. Add to this, the lovely crystal bottles which enhance the whole experience of perfumes even more and you are ready to pay a premium for them. Histoires des Parfums  is one such luxury perfume house and it is a veritable olfactory library offering 16 kinds of sophisticated and sensuous fragrances. This ‘maison de parfum’ was established in 2000 by Gerald Ghislain who is an ISIPCA trained ‘nose’. The name itself is a clever play of words as it means both the history of perfumes as well as stories of perfumes which are exactly what Gerald Ghislain has set out to evoke.

The perfumes from this house evoke stories about famous characters along with important years and the various ingredients which go into the making of the perfumes. The perfumes are available in a limited edition and are a celebration of the senses. Making use of the best ingredients, the perfumes are the last word in opulence and luxury and are silky and sensuous on the skin. Maintaining high quality in its ingredients,manufacturing and packaging, the perfumes are highly coveted by connoisseurs all over the world. The bottles are poetry in glass and the perfumes have a high concentration of 15% which make them long lasting leaving behind a fragrant atmosphere. Although these perfumes are normally available in bottles of 120ml, they can also be had in ‘nomad kits’ of three 14ml sprays packed in a neoprene pouch.

The offerings from this perfume house have taken inspiration from historical figures and have been named after their year of birth.  For instance, ‘1725 Casanova’, ‘1740 Marquis de Sade’, ‘1804 George Sand’, ‘1826 Eugénie de Montijo’, ‘1828 Jules Verne’ are some of the famous older fragrances from this house. The newer variety consists of the ‘Soliloquies’ inspired by ‘classical perfume notes’ and the ‘Cult Books’ set. The more recent releases include the ‘Tuberose Trilogy’, ‘1889 Moulin Rouge’, ‘Defile New York’ and ‘Petroleum, Ambrarem and Rosam’.

With Histoires des Parfums, the creator provides the connoisseurs a walk through history with the aid of fragrances and has earned an immortal space in the perfume industry.




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