Sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory but also a utility item as they help protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. LGR comes in the luxury category very much like the accessories from porter or clothes from Silent DamirDomma or Billionaire Boys Club. The creator of LGR sunglasses, Luca GnecchiRuscone is an Italian with strong roots in Africa.  He discovered his grandfather’s sunglasses frames in the colonial style in his grandfather’s warehouse in Eritrea and was inspired enough to create a whole line of sunglasses. He commenced production in Italy where he recruited the original makers who had made his grandfather’s frames and fell back on the old techniques and methods.

The speciality of the sunglasses by Luca GnecchiRuscone lie in the fact that they are hand crafted and hand polished keeping alive his grandfather’s tradition and are artisanal by nature and design. It is not only a means of producing exclusive pieces but also a way of preserving one’s heritage and values. Real people do real hard work in the manufacturing of these sunglasses. These artisans have spent a lifetime in perfecting their art and have achieved a level of excellence which is difficult to replicate by machines and can be got only by a trained and experienced eye. Every single frame of LGR sunglasses is made by one person from start to finish and meticulous attention is given to each step resulting in an elegant and highly superior product. LGR sunglasses are a testimony to the passion which goes into the making of each and every single frame.

The lenses of the sunglasses are of ultra-resistant crystal and do not sport any external logo. Special care is taken to ensure the comfort of the wearer and all frames are manufactured form cellulose acetate which has the sterling quality of being able to be manipulated without heating the materials. The polishing too is done by hand and no paints or solvents are used. The result is a silky, smooth finish. With an anti-reflex coating inside the frame they offer 100% protection from UV rays.

LGR sunglasses have been seen on celebrities like and Eva Herzigova and Charlotte Casiraghi and they can be found in some of the most exclusive shops in the world. Luca claims that he didn’t set out to deliberately target the luxury market but the final costs and retail prices have made his brand of sunglasses a luxury accessory.All the frames have names of African cities which is the maker’s way of acknowledging his multi-cultural heritage. LGRsunglasses exude a timeless elegance and are a tribute to the adventurous spirit of Africa and the glamorous atmosphere of the Riviera.





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