Luxury means an extraordinary indulgence or pleasure which can be derived from places or objects or simply a state of being. Luxury clothing has always had a great pull and even the newer brands like Silent DamirDomma or Billionaire Boys Club have a massive following. When fashion accessories denote luxury it means superior craftsmanship, styling, materials and exclusivity. Porter is a renowned luxury bag brand and commands a cult following all over Japan. It was established by Yoshida & Co. in 1962 and was given a nomination as a member of the NYDC or New York Designers Collective in 1982. It was the first Japanese brand to be given such an honour and it was a wonderful opportunity to make a name for itself in the industry of bag manufacturing. Today, the brand has 900 references and 130 lines and has a presence in 45 stores in Japan.

The brand is famous for its bags, wallets, backpacks especially amongst the youth and it also enters into collaboration with other fashion brands as well as consumer electronics from time to time to produce limited merchandise. The production is entirely based in Japan including the designing, wholesales and retails. The philosophy of the company is putting itself into the shoes of the customers and coming up with bags which would satisfy the clients and make them happy with their purchase. This has been the key to the company’s success.

Bags made by the Yoshida Company combine the materials, colours and threads in a uniquely sensitive way which is different from any other product available. Porter’s bags are time-consuming to manufacture and a lot of effort goes into each and every product. Meticulous attention is paid to the most insignificant of details even if they are not visible from the outside and the inside lining and reinforcements are testimony to the superiority of these bags.

Sturdy and durable Porter bags can be used for years to come and they rarely break although natural wear and tear does take place. The company is not into merely selling but taking care of their products right till the end. To this extent, Porter offers repair services where they receive bags sold as late as ten years back and which are taken for repairs without a demur. Since Porter bags boast of excellent craftsmanship, the bags which do come in for repairs are never damaged to the extent of not being able to be mended.

The core philosophy of Porter is ‘heart and soul into every stitch’ which means that every bag is made with a lot of care put into every single stitch and hence it is able to offer eminently superior products unmatched elsewhere.




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