DamirDomma, the Croatian born Parisian designer spent his formative years in Germany. After having studied fashion in Berlin and Munich, he graduated with honours in 2004 winning the ‘best student collection’ award for the year. He then put in some time working with big names like Dirk Schoenberger and Raf Simons in Antwerp before launching his own collection in 2006. Silent DamirDomma was first shown in October 2009 and was a casual collection which totally did away with over- decorative elements and was inspired by purity and a calm state of being. It followed the philosophy of renouncing distractions, noise and thought.

The avant-garde designer follows the philosophy of purity and keeps his collection as close as possible to the thought. His designs are immaculately constructed and do away with over-the –top embellishments. In his designs, DamirDomma lets the clothes with their fluid materials and silhouettes do all the talking instead of relying on decorative elements to draw attention. The Silent collection showcases beautifully designed and crafted clothes with clever draping, fluid movements and soft shapes in its various jackets, tops and dresses. His impeccably finished clothes truly deserve the high-end luxury tag like that of the Billionaire Boys Club or LGR but the prices are fair and accessible. Muted colour palette, soft volumes and graceful fluidity mark the designer’s Silent collection.

DamirDomma focuses on clean-cut lines and his clothes are always stylish, minimalistic and contemporary. His collection encompasses his stock hoodies, sword shorts and trousers, Mum’s sweaters and denims. Textiles are pure and beautiful with special emphasis paid to minute details and capture the attention immediately. He has a faithful following of the rich and the famous and fashion consumers, stylists, celebrities can all be seen sporting one of his signature creations. Dark and poetic, DamirDomma’s collection transcends rigid shapes and imbues a grace not be found in other clothes in the wearer. His slouchy cardigans, outerwear, flowing pants with only a hint of colour are his brand classics.

DamirDomma’s Silent collection also features accessories like backpacks which are made of thick canvas having a sturdy leather base. Although the designer sticks to traditional designs, he gives it a twist by introducing metal zippers which are chunky and modern. The collection also has some great footwear focusing on distressed leather.

The Silent DamirDomma collection is aptly described in the designer’s own words: ‘Silent is the state we are in when we are freed of thoughts, of noise or of any other distraction. It is in silence that we can clear our minds and focus on details that would otherwise be overseen… For it is when we are silent, that we can truly admire and embrace the essence of something.’ And this has become DamirDomma’s signature style.





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