A.P.C. is a French fashion label created by the Tunisian born designer Jean Touitou. A.P.C. stands for‘Atelier de Production et de Création’ and it was founded in 1988 at 39 Rue Madame 75006 Paris. This is also the location of the flagship A.P.C. shop. It sells ready-to wear simple, chic clothing for both men and women. The A.P.C. label, very much like other designer brands, for instance, rick owensdrk shadow or Comme des Garcon Play is worn by both celebrities as well as the fashion-conscious average shopper.

The label is known for its minimalist, clean and simple designs and all the outfits are manufactured keeping in mind the basic essentials of a wardrobe. Certain characteristics of military garments are very much in evidence in Touitou’s label but his distaste for ill-fitting loose clothes is also very evident in the cut and fit of his outfits. Logos are hardly visible on an A.P.C. garment and the most important thing for Touitou is the fit and the simplicity of the outfit. In fact, he is the master of giving a twist to ordinary clothes with just simple touches here and there which lift that garment above the boring and the mundane. As he himself says that boredom comes from repeating things and he does not like to do it.

A.P.C.’s most popular product is its selvage jeans made from raw denim. These come in a variety of washes and each pair has a unique finish to it. Long lasting and versatile, the A.P.C. selvage jeans are fashionable and slim-cut and always contemporary. Touitou keeps pace with urban design trends combining them with subtlety rather than going overboard. The result is a contemporary, fashionable look which is also timeless in its appeal. The label is often referred to as the French ‘Gap’ but it is definitely far superior to the popular chain brand as the A.P.C. shop is the seller of the finest clothing. There is nothing ostentatious about A.P.C. clothing or merchandise and the accessories like belts, necklaces, sunglasses have fun elements in them rather than being weighed down by gaudiness. The A.P.C. shop not only stocks goods for adults but also has a clothing line for young boys and girls.

Although initially Touitou sold his products only through his own A.P.C. shop, he moved onto alliances with exclusive retailers like Bergdorf Goodman in New York and now his label can be found at small high-end retailers across the globe. Besides its flagship A.P.C. shop in Paris, the other placeswhere you can find the label are in Germany, United Kingdom, Tokyo, Belgium, Osaka, Kobe and the United States.

The inspiration behind Touitou’s designs is real people whether young or old and this is the reason why his label is such a hit as it offers clean, well-fitted stylish designs.

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