Common Projects is like a breath of fresh air in an increasingly over indulgent world where excesses rule aesthetics and simplicity bows down to inferiority. Common Projects, a shoe company was the result of collaboration between shoe designers Peter Poopat and FlavioGirolami and they first established their company in 2004. With clean lines, meticulous finish and usage of only the finest materials and techniques, the company soon made a name for itself in the luxury market. Similar to other understated luxury accessory brands like porter, LGR, Histoires des Parfums, Common Projects caters to the connoisseur who understands the worth of simplicity and prizes aesthetics above gaudiness and excesses. Every shoe is made in Italy and then shipped to America and although this appears like a huge international collaboration, in actual fact it still remains very much like a small Mom-and-Pop operation. Both partners are hands on and they are inspired by everyday simple objects. Although simplicity is the key in all their designs they use only the finest Italian leather and their meticulously finished products are very versatile. They can be easily worn with either jeans or formal suits and look good in both and both partners take immense pride in this fact.

The shoes from Common Projects are hand stitched to the sole instead of being vulcanized and are extremely durable. Most of the sneakers offered in markets today are made in China or Vietnam and the difference between those mass-produced ones and the hand stitched Common Projects sneakers is there for everyone to see. With basic clean lines and fine aesthetics, these sneakers get better with usage and that is the reason why their first design, the Achilles still remains one of their best sellers. The sneakers are unassuming and do not boast of a hundred and one things featuring in them but offers the wearer basic, classic footwear which are equally good with both casual and formal wear.

There are no unnecessary combinations or complications which only add bulk without adding style, no technical gimmickry and no gaudy colour combinations. The footwear is universally appealing and has an understated style. The Desert or Chukka boots from the company go very well with both denims and chinos. The Achilles looks great with even formal wear while the Captoe shoes are sportier. For those who insist on slotting shoes in particular categories like dress shoes, Common Projects has Oxfords in sleek leather which looks stylish and not smarmy. From skater crews to octogenarians, the Common Projects shoes are popular with all. The reason behind their success is best summed up in their own words; ‘We’re sort of the cobbler down the street that only has one thing and we don’t push it on anyone.’


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