Perfumes make you feel sensuous, perfumes make you feel calm, perfumes make you feel flirty, perfumes make you feel….. the list can be endless! This is so because our olfactory senses are the strongest amongst all our senses and the smell which we imbibe sends out strong signals to the brain. The association of memory and our olfactory sense is very strong and explains the fact why we associate certain smells with specific incidents which can go right back to our childhood.

Perfumes have been manufactured and used since eons and history is replete with anecdotes of the favourite perfume of this Queen and that Princess. This is one reason why perfumes have always been considered the privilege of the rich and have been tagged as luxury items. Although in present times this no longer holds true  in very strict terms, as perfumes can be got in a wide range of prices, nevertheless there are plenty of perfumes which come into the category of luxury and are priced very high. Histoires des Parfumsis one such luxury house of perfumes which offers many kinds of fragrances but like exclusive Comme des Garcon Play shirts or the Dries Van Noten shirt or the porter handbag or LGR sunglasses, it is affordable by only a few.

The fragrances from this luxury brand are named after historical characters along with the year of their births and the images they evoke of the ingredients within the fragrance. Thus, we have (in order), the ‘‘1725 Casanova’, ‘1740 Marquis de Sade’, ‘1804 George Sand’, ‘1826 Eugénie de Montijo’ and the ‘1828 Jules Verne’ comprising the older perfumes from the house of Histoires des Parfums. The newer ones are namedSoliloquies’ and are said to have derived their inspiration from the classical notes of perfumes and the ‘Cult Books’. Recent productions include ‘Defile New York’, ‘1889 Moulin Rouge’, ‘Petroleum, Ambrarem and Rosam’ and the ‘Tuberose Trilogy’.

It is astonishing that compared to other luxury perfume houses, the brand of Histoires des Parfumsis pretty recent having been established only in 2000 and yet it has become one of the most coveted luxury brands and an exclusive one to boot! Established by Gerald Ghislain, the perfume house maintains very high standards of production and only the best ingredients are sourced and used in the manufacture of the perfumes. With a high concentration of 15%, it is no wonder that these perfumes are so highly priced. They are most available in limited editions thus retaining their exclusivity further and are much beloved by the true connoisseurs. Sophisticated and sensuous, the perfumes are luxurious and the cut-glass crystal bottles are lovely to behold.

Histoires des Parfumsis a name to reckon with in the world of fragrancesand rightly so as the superior quality and luxurious feeling is evident in the products.

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