In French, Commes des Garcons, means ‘like the boys’ and this fashion brand was launched in 1973 in Japan byReiKawakubo who happened to be one of the most visionary fashion designers of her time. Without any formal training, she turned the fashion world upside down on its head with her controversial aesthetics and design sensibilities and carved out a distinctive niche for the brand. Beginning with menswear featuring arresting, sharp outfits, Comme des Garcons made it clear that its clothes were not to be bandied around or partied in since they were certainly not casual. But, with their new Commes des Garcons Play line, the fashion label has taken a radical step into the world of youth by producing colourful, bright and accessible clothes which definitely will not look out of place on a dance floor.

The Commes des Garcon Play line comprising of t-shirts was a result of collaboration with FilipPagowski who is a New York based artist. He combined New York street art with Soviet print art to come up with a product which is uniquely styled and highly attractive to the young. The clothes retain all the sharpness of the brand’s signature style but with fewer affectations. Fashion designers across the world have realized the potential of providing for the youth without comprising on their designing styles and from Silent DamirDomma to rick owensdrk shadow, the young are having a lot to choose from.

The Commes des Garcons Play t-shirts have a heart logo on them which by itself is an interesting element. It is bold yet simple and is emblazoned in a messy style which is deliberate. It may have originated from some Communist brochure or from the New York street scene but once on the t-shirt it has assumed its own identity and looks right at home on it. Like all good logos, the heart logo on a Garcon t-shirt is immediately recognizable.

The Play T-shirts from Commes des Garcons are very versatile as they can be worn over casual jeans or under a light jacket or a cardigan. An oversized shirt too can be casually thrown over the t-shirt and it looks cool provided the much-vaunted logo does not get concealed. Trainers are the most appropriate footwear to go with these t-shirts. The greatest virtue of the Play line of t-shirts lies in the fact that they can be worn with equal ease on dance floors or just down the street without looking odd in either place. So, whether it is the happening night out or just a casual stroll down to the pub, Commes des Garcons Play t-shirts lend themselves to the occasion in the right manner.

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