Sunglasses automatically evoke images of sun kissed beaches and luxurious resorts with the sunglasses perched on glamorous looking women and men sipping their aperitifs! They somehow exude glamour although that is not the sole reason for sporting these stylish eyeglasses. Although sunglasses are available in a wide price range, for those whom money is not the criteria, there is nothing to beat LGR sunglasses. Like other luxury brands, for instance, porter accessories or a Dries Van Noten shirt, LGR sunglasses are much coveted and hankered after. All would love to wear them but only a few can afford them. The high price range is not due to some misguided sense of snobbery but because of the fact that these sunglasses are handmade and hand polished.

The founder of LGR sunglasses is an Italian, Luca GnecchiRuscone who stumbled upon his grandfather’s colonial style sunglasses frames and drew inspiration from their designs. Not only that, he set out to revive the hand crafted tradition and engaged artisans who had worked for his grandfather. He relied on the old methods and techniques for his production line and the end result was the very artisanal range of sunglasses. Lucca did this not only to preserve the heritage but also to introduce to the world the richness of handcrafted items. The artisans working on these sunglasses have reached that strata of excellence which cannot be duplicated by machines and each and every step is given meticulous attention. Years of experience and highly honed skills have given these artisans an eye for details and their craftsmanship is proof of the passion which they inject in their work.

The quiet confidence which Lucca has in his production is evident in the fact that his sunglasses unlike many contemporary luxury brands do not bear any external logo. The look, feel, touch and comfort of LGR sunglasses are enough for buyers to know that they are purchasing an exclusive piece. Ultra- resistant crystal makes up the lenses of the sunglasses and is also coated with an anti-reflex coating for total protection from UV rays. No paints, solvents are used in the hand polishing and these results in non-allergenic frames and a smooth finish. The frames are made of cellulose acetate which has the advantage of being manipulated without getting heated and this ensures that the wearer has a very comfortable experience with these sunglasses.

The way many luxury products like Histoire de Parfums, Silent DamirDomma or rick owensdrk shadow are stocked only in exclusive stores across the world, LGR sunglasses too are not to be found in any and every shop. Only very select stores have the privilege of stocking LGR sunglasses and rightly so, since these are the best which money can buy and they are the last word in elegance and style.


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