Philip Lim, the renowned fashion designer is of Chinese ancestry and he is known to turn ordinary clothes on its head by simply tacking on a few embellishments tastefully. He launched 3:1, his label in 2005 and hasn’t looked back since then. He was awarded the Emerging Talent by the Council of Fashion Designers of America in 2007 for 3:1 but Philip Lim has not been resting on his laurels. Every season brings a fresh perspective of his fashion ideas and thus sometimes it is street elegance which dominates his collection and sometimes it is an amalgamation of clothes which do not try too hard to look fashionable. At times he shows a distinct flair for combining the dressy with the casual while at other times, the chic and the youthful make a playful appearance at the Philip Lim shop.

While his first few seasons comprised of collections dedicated exclusively to women since that is what he knew best, menswear had always been in the anvil for Philip Lim. His men’s collection has opened to stupendous response and is extremely interesting. The men’s jackets and suits are roomy and with unexpected proportions. But, the tailoring is as impeccable as in his women’s collection and the drapes are fluid without being slouchy. The fabrics are cotton, poplins and blends of wool and polyester. These are used for making the suits and canvas coats which can be machine washed.  The colour palette is sombre and includes camel, indigo, gray and stone. His menswear is chic, easy and effortless. The secret behind Philip Lim’s success is that he keeps his products at a very contemporary price point. The Philip Lim shop provides the full package of superior quality clothes which are not boring and are very well-priced. His clothes are designer stuff but at competitive rates very much like the decently priced rick owensdrk shadow range of jeans.

The menswear segment of Philip Lim has garnered tremendous respect from the fashion industry and like the older establishments of A.P.C. Man or Comme de garcon shirt shop or the Dries Van Noten shirt, his menswear is a hit with the consumers. The easy and non-fussy style has consumers coming in for more at Philip Lim stores and the brand has steadily built itself as a force to reckon with. The 3:1 label of Philip Lim has become a respected business model and the clothes are available in almost 50 countries in nearly 400 stores. There is a flagship Philip Lim shop in New York, Los Angeles as well as in Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

In Philip Lim’s own words, his clothes are meant to refine instead of define and are classical but with a definite individual style which is effortless.

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