An immense pleasure or satisfaction that can be derived from the purchase of an object is called luxury. Luxury, is not only the purchase of materialistic things, it is also a state of being. However, in the list of materialistic luxury, designer clothes top the charts. As more and more people are being able to afford luxury clothing, the newer and comparatively younger designers or designer houses are also gaining prominence. Brands like Silent DamirDomma, A.P. C. Man or Commes des GarconsPlay and others have a huge fan following. Luxury clothing usually stands for the best quality, amazing craftsmanship, great style and exclusivity. This is not true just for clothes. Bags, shoes and accessories take up a lot of space in designer showrooms and have a great demand.

The best example of a brand that speaks, lives and breathes luxury in bags is porter a brand that has the largest following in Japan. The brand was established in 1962 by Yoshida & co. and was nominated as a member of the NYDC or New York Designers Collection in 1982. It was the first Japanese brand to be given such an honour and this honour has played a large role in helping the brand make a name for itself in the fashion industry. Presently, the brand has 130 lines, 900 references and is showcased in over 45 stores in japan.

The brand is most famous for its handbags, wallets and backpacks. It is a brand for the youth and keeping this in mind, it enters into collaborations with different fashion houses as well as electronic brands to produce and sell limited merchandise. The brand house believes that the customer is king and therefore tries to put itself in the shoes of its customers and come up with bags that satisfy clients in the best possible manner. This attitude has been the reason the brand has done so well, and it serves as the philosophy of the company as well.

The production of the products of this brand is based entirely in Japan, including designing, manufacturing and retailing. A lot of time and care goes into the production of each porter bag as the company wants each bag to spell luxury to its clients. The materials, threads and colours are combined in a unique manner to give you the best deal of exclusivity.

One of the main features of a porter bag is its durability and sturdiness. A porter bag can be used regularly for years without any sign of breakage. Natural wear and tear can be avoided or minimized by taking care of the bag occasionally. After sales services is a special service offered by the company. Repair and cleaning services are offered for bags sold as late as ten years ago and the bags are returned looking as good as new. You have to pay a price for luxury, but when the luxury on offer is such value for money; it’s almost a necessity.

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