Silent DamirDomma is an organic collection by Parisian designer DamirDomma who was born in Croatia but whose formative years were spent in Germany. In Germany he took fashion courses and won the award for ‘best student of the year’. After having worked under some big names in fashion like Raf Simons and Dirk Schoenberger he launched his own line in 2006. Silent, launched in 2009 is the designer’s casual collection but with fine aesthetics and graceful silhouettes. In this collection DamirDomma is inspired by the purity of simple lines, subtle detailing and a subdued colour palette. There are no excessive embellishments or decorative elements and the garments exude a feeling of calmness and peace which the designer has set out to achieve. There are no distracting elements, no over-the-top decorations and the end product is almost Zen-like in its simplicity and fluidity.

 With Silent, DamirDomma wants to remain as true as possible to the original design concepts while retaining the fabric’s rawness and organic forms. The Silent collection also marks his first step in women’s wear and the silhouettes are drapy, fluid and graceful. Silent DamirDomma was also launched to complement the designer’s mainline while offering basic products with a definitive fashion edge. Although the end results are lux, the products are all very well-priced like at the A.P.C. shop or the Philip Lim shop.

DamirDomma concentrates on giving his customers superior quality, impeccably finished luxury clothing at affordable rates and his clothes are stylish, classical yet contemporary. Fashionistas, celebrities, stylist are all loyal followers of DamirDomma. Bruce Springsteen, Robert Pattinson, Lenny Kravitz, Rozario Dawson are some of the celebrities who faithfully wear his clothes. His collection encompasses all, right from hoodies, sweaters, tops, dresses, shorts, denims and jackets. Jackets, dresses and tops have soft shapes and drape very well and his clothes are marked out with clever cutting and impeccable fits. The Silent collection has voluminous yet graceful silhouettes and move very well with the body. Shapes are not rigid; rather they are fluid and lend themselves to the body shape of the wearer.

DamirDomma has also dabbled in accessories and the backpacks from his Silent collection are very popular. His accessories can be compared to other great accessory houses like LGR or porter and the footwear too is very wearable and good-looking. Although even here the designer prefers classical designs, he gives them a contemporary look by adding chunky zippers to backpacks and using distressed leather for footwear.

Silent DamirDomma epitomizes the designer’s philosophy of existing in a state of calmness where the mind is free from distractions and noise; for it is only in silence can we discover ourselves and can see things which would otherwise remain overlooked.


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