The Pharrell Williams and Nigo founded BBC or BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB clothing line was earlier associated with global shoe major Reebok. This association was formulated after Williams was assigned a contract by Reebok to design a particular range of shoes. However the deal fell through because of some reason that compelled Williams to sue Reebok. It was a lengthy legal case that finally ended when Williams decided to drop charges. Both the companies separated after that. Well, that’s history now. It took some time for the BBC clothing brand to re-establish itself. It did by setting up a flagship outlet in Tokyo. The brand has also established its presence in many countries located in North America and Europe.

Once while being interviewed on TV, Williams admitted that his love for skateboarding inspired him to start BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB. No wonder that the colours, cuts and styles of garments under this clothing line compliment the spirit of the game. In fact this clothing line is very popular amongst skaters.

The clothing collection of this brand is quite large. You will love items like sweaters, shorts, t-shirts and shirts. The BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB logo is always there on the t-shirts. Scenes from Hip-Hop, R ‘n’ B and Rap music also inspire some of its creations. People who prefer loose clothing will love the baggy outfits of this brand. Similarly the t-shirts display themes that will remind you of the styles commonly found on the streets of Japan. As the name suggests a boyish charm so the colours and patterns are naturally bright, vibrant and bold. To find genuine BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB stuff, choose a fashion boutique of repute or authorized online stores where you will also find a large collection.

Now let’s come to another brand that is different in the sense that it focuses on perfumes. Yes it is HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS, the Paris based high end perfume brand. The brand derives its name from historical figures in whose honor the original offerings were developed. Although the brand has discontinued some of its traditional range of perfumes, it has introduced newer varieties that stress on something more classic. If you are looking for HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS fragrances then you will find the same in leading stores around the world. These are generally packed in 120 ml bottles, but there are also 14 ml spray bottles. It is not just simply a perfume but something that takes you back in time because it is created by someone who graduated from an exclusive school of perfume.

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