If you want the name of one designer who has become a cult name in the fashion world by dint of his incredible work then it must be surely Rick Owens. Hailing from California, he shifted to Paris to study art. However it was pattern cutting that caught his fancy. It took him a couple of years to master it and when he was ready, he launched his collection. The rest as they say is history as far as fashion is concerned. When we talk about Rick Owens, we are reminded of the three fantastic collections from his stable. If leather jackets and knits are his main line collection then his Lilies collection is all about jersey fabrics. But it is his denim line that is christened as Dark Shadow or DRK SHDW in short which is very famous.

So let’s have a brief look at the rick owens dark shadow or rick owens drk shdw line of denims and why these are so amazing. The denims under this line of collection stress on the white colour or colours with dark hues. Therefore you will come across colours like dark shadow, horse lung, black, stone and sand which are all dark shades. One unique aspect that you will notice in the rick owens dark shadow or rick owens drk shdw line of denims is that oily and dirty finish. On the other hand his main line collection that focuses on leather showcases some of the most amazing bags and footwear. It is a known fact that the leather jackets designed by Rick Owens are one of the most sought after pieces. His accessories too have a healthy fan following.

Talking of accessories, mention must be made about two leading brands namely uniform wares and orlebar brown. While the former is a British brand that makes wristwatches, the latter is known for its stylish and contemporary swimwear for men.

Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles are the two guys who founded uniform wares and under this brand they make wristwatches that are both clean-looking and vintage. The movements inside their wristwatches are either Japanese or Swiss made. One of their popular models is the Calendar Watch (200 Series) that is priced at 200 pounds.

Since its inception in 2007, orlebar brown have been developing men’s swimwear along with shorts and shirts. The fashion savvy consumers consider such stuff as must wear because of their directional designs. Why not try out to see if these high fashion labels suits your personality or not.


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