The Rick Owens Dark Shadow line is simply daring, and not reserved for the faint of heart. This line positions itself as a blatant challenge to convention, fashion demands. If you are interested in this clothing line, you must dismiss you presuppositions about what is classy or acceptable. This clothing collection is visually a slap in the face to the so-called sophisticated lifestyle.

Maybe you are a self-proclaimed bad boy, or you feel suffocated by the conformity around you. There is no better way to overcome this than with the Rick Owens slim fit, print jean with abstract, triangle shapes.

But for the no nonsense man, a simple pair of dark-washed, Rick Owens jeans will do the job. Of course, no bad boy fashion statement would be complete without audacious top, overflowing with denim and leather patterns. One particular jacket in this collection merges the edginess of both leather and denim into a single jacket. But for a more simplistic fashion statement, you may simply choose the denim jacket to bring out your inner renegade.

This particular line may not be well suited to the upper class elite lifestyle. But of course, if you gravitate to this clothing are, chances are you are not trying to impress the materialistic world. You most likely prioritize your own personality, inner expression, as well as the strength you exude.

With many lines of clothing, the attire literally wears you, and tells you who you are. However, this is not the case with the Rick Owens line. You wear the clothes, and you define who you are with a unique fashion statement of your own. People will not think, “Oh, he looks like everyone else.” Instead, they will see you for what you are, rather than what you are wearing. This is what a true fashion statement is.


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