The Dilemma: Satchel or Purse?

For ages, men have been plagued with the stigmas attached to men’s carry cases and handbags. Often, they are met with scrutiny and cynicism whenever they are seen with satchels or unisex handbags. This is because handbags have long been associated with women’s purses. However, it is unfair to subject men to this harsh standard when you consider the practical need for handbags.

Throughout the day, guys must run errands; carry important documents, as well as critical personal items. But often, they are left empty handed because they fear the critical gaze of onlookers who disparage the male handbag, or “man purse”.

Perhaps some designers haven’t made a big enough distinction between male handbags and female handbags. However,  Porter  bags resolve this ongoing conflict by offering distinctly male wallets, handbags, carry cases and more.

Some guys will always be hesitant about this idea. However, carrying cases can offer a variety of advantages and allow one to organize their basic necessities.

Porter Bags Can Stop the Confusion

The handbags offered on the Porter line are composed of top quality material, masculine design, spacious interior, and more. The impeccable stitching offers a tailored look to each of the wallets, totes, duffels and bags on this particular line.

These accessories can be the perfect accent to a power suit, or even serve as a practical necessity for any man who is on the go.

The YMC handbag design starkly contrasts that of many unisex bags out there. This line of men’s bags is distinctly masculine.


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