What’s with all the…bright colors?

The intersection of gender roles is undeniable, it is everywhere you look. There is a distinct population of guys out there who will gladly uphold their masculinity, and wear pink. Many will be so daring as to wear tight, narrow leg, brightly colored jeans. And all of this is great, because it signifies a certain level of cultural progression. But, let’s be honest. Many men cringe at the mere sight of a tight, pink t-shirt. This doesn’t make them closed minded or old fashioned, it simply means that they have a preference. And as far as skinny jeans go, a traditional bad boy will only go for charcoal or black color tones.

Clothes for No-nonsense Men: Rick Owens Drk Shdw

For the man who is not so enthralled by the advent of vivid colors in the male fashion world, there is the Rick Owens drk shdw line of clothing. Its clothes are primarily charcoal, grey and black.

The traditional bad boy type is a simple man. He doesn’t look for extravagance, nor does he aspire for flamboyance. Denim and leather is all that he needs.

Rick Owens drk shadow clothing is primarily dark demin and leather. On wrongweather.net, you will find a denim jacket with leather sleeves, a unique feature that you rarely see anywhere else. You will also find plain demin jackets, and narrow leg, black and charcoal jeans.

The rick owens drk shadow shop provides all of the staples for today’s practical bad boy.

About wrongweather

Wrong Weather is a Contemporary Fashion and Lifestyle Concept Store and Online Store for Men. Shop the latests menswear exclusive Designers Brands. Free Shipping and Fast Delivery Worldwide.

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