Owens dark shadow is the resource of Edgy and Fearless

The Rick Owens Dark Shadow line is simply daring, and not reserved for the faint of heart. This line positions itself as a blatant challenge to convention, fashion demands. If you are interested in this clothing line, you must dismiss you presuppositions about what is classy or acceptable. This clothing collection is visually a slap in the face to the so-called sophisticated lifestyle.

Maybe you are a self-proclaimed bad boy, or you feel suffocated by the conformity around you. There is no better way to overcome this than with the Rick Owens slim fit, print jean with abstract, triangle shapes.

But for the no nonsense man, a simple pair of dark-washed, Rick Owens jeans will do the job. Of course, no bad boy fashion statement would be complete without audacious top, overflowing with denim and leather patterns. One particular jacket in this collection merges the edginess of both leather and denim into a single jacket. But for a more simplistic fashion statement, you may simply choose the denim jacket to bring out your inner renegade.

This particular line may not be well suited to the upper class elite lifestyle. But of course, if you gravitate to this clothing are, chances are you are not trying to impress the materialistic world. You most likely prioritize your own personality, inner expression, as well as the strength you exude.

With many lines of clothing, the attire literally wears you, and tells you who you are. However, this is not the case with the Rick Owens line. You wear the clothes, and you define who you are with a unique fashion statement of your own. People will not think, “Oh, he looks like everyone else.” Instead, they will see you for what you are, rather than what you are wearing. This is what a true fashion statement is.


Shop Kenzo online with Uniquely Green Fashion

Many fashion conscious men out there are facing a key dilemma. They feel compelled to adopt the latest trends. However, many trends lack the originality and eccentricity they are seeking. The Kenzo online collection remedies this problem by satiating its consumers’ unique tastes. Where else can you find a pair of evergreen colored pants that are considered tasteful and formal?

This particular fashion line makes great use of the color green. When you browse this collection, you become immediately aware that green can be combined in the form of various patterns and textured to produce a unique, modern fashionable look. One prime example of this is the leopard print, green and blue blazer, which is surprisingly elegant.

Numerous designers struggle with ability to produce a vivid, yet, classy and refined look. However, The Kenzo online collection achieves this balance relentlessly in its design. With this line of attire, you can literally walk into a swanky, exclusive club wearing a leopard print, green shirt and still receive admiration from onlookers. Prior to reading this article, you may not have believed that such a feat were possible. But, the Kenzo collection is one that takes the elements of quirkiness and condenses them into a respectable and chic presentation. Who says you have to wear a polished, black blazer to blend in to high society?

Of course, if formality is not a concern to you, and you are merely looking to explore splashes of green, blue and yellow color schemes, then this clothing line has something for you as well. Dazzle in speckles of blue and green while wearing a parka, or throw on a simple, green polo shirt with a clever emblem.

Whatever your eccentric taste may be, the Kenzo Line cleverly combines the components of originality and tastefulness. Whether you wish to stand out among casually dressed pedestrians, or you want to dress to impress at a posh clubbing event, this clothing line can certainly set you apart from the rest.

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Discover your luxury feeling with histories de perfums

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Festival Season Fashion

People who are aware about fashion trends know it very well that fashion changes with every season. Like for example during summers the fashion conscious opt for outfits that look outrageous. On the other hand during winters they go for something that looks formal. You will definitely spot your favourite celebrities sporting great summer outfits during the festival season. This will surely inspire you to try out something similar and if you are keen then you will find what you are looking for on the internet. Although major retailers and well-known boutique stores can guide you to choose that perfect outfit, you can also try out popular clothing brands like APC clothing that focus on festival collection.

You can drop into any A.P.C. shop to have a look at what they have to offer. If you have a penchant for jeans then APC clothing which is a Parisian label has a great collection of APC jeans. In fact most of the leading Sunday magazines provide exclusive coverage to the wide range of APC jeans. The different fabrics and colours used are just perfect to be worn during English festivals when days are warm and evenings are cool.

To look cool during summers, you can try out the parka. It is lightweight and the colours look great on a hot and humid day. It comes with loads of pocket, a fish tail detail and a hood that is slightly oversized. The A.P.C. man collection also has a wide range of cut off denim shorts. You can also browse through the sites of leading online fashion boutiques where you will surely find a great collection of festival clothing from the A.P.C. man series. Moreover, apart from the A.P.C. shop high fashion websites are also a good place to check out APC clothing.

Actually there are certain well known stores that showcase the best selections of any reputed clothing line as well as top online boutiques. There you won’t miss anything that you have been looking for. The great part is that apart from getting what you have been trying to find, you also stand a chance to gain discounts because these stores conduct promotions at regular intervals. So if APC clothing happens to be your favourite brand then you should try out stores like Laundry Room or any other reputed store that specializes in menswear collection.

Billionaire Boys Club-Skateboarding Inspired Fashion

The Pharrell Williams and Nigo founded BBC or BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB clothing line was earlier associated with global shoe major Reebok. This association was formulated after Williams was assigned a contract by Reebok to design a particular range of shoes. However the deal fell through because of some reason that compelled Williams to sue Reebok. It was a lengthy legal case that finally ended when Williams decided to drop charges. Both the companies separated after that. Well, that’s history now. It took some time for the BBC clothing brand to re-establish itself. It did by setting up a flagship outlet in Tokyo. The brand has also established its presence in many countries located in North America and Europe.

Once while being interviewed on TV, Williams admitted that his love for skateboarding inspired him to start BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB. No wonder that the colours, cuts and styles of garments under this clothing line compliment the spirit of the game. In fact this clothing line is very popular amongst skaters.

The clothing collection of this brand is quite large. You will love items like sweaters, shorts, t-shirts and shirts. The BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB logo is always there on the t-shirts. Scenes from Hip-Hop, R ‘n’ B and Rap music also inspire some of its creations. People who prefer loose clothing will love the baggy outfits of this brand. Similarly the t-shirts display themes that will remind you of the styles commonly found on the streets of Japan. As the name suggests a boyish charm so the colours and patterns are naturally bright, vibrant and bold. To find genuine BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB stuff, choose a fashion boutique of repute or authorized online stores where you will also find a large collection.

Now let’s come to another brand that is different in the sense that it focuses on perfumes. Yes it is HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS, the Paris based high end perfume brand. The brand derives its name from historical figures in whose honor the original offerings were developed. Although the brand has discontinued some of its traditional range of perfumes, it has introduced newer varieties that stress on something more classic. If you are looking for HISTOIRES DE PARFUMS fragrances then you will find the same in leading stores around the world. These are generally packed in 120 ml bottles, but there are also 14 ml spray bottles. It is not just simply a perfume but something that takes you back in time because it is created by someone who graduated from an exclusive school of perfume.

Dries Van Noten-Beyond the Conventional

Renowned designer Dries van Noten is known for his daring visuals. It is not that he tries unusual themes but he visualizes beyond the conventional. When compared with his contemporaries, van Noten turns out to be someone who likes to try out methods and themes that were never tried earlier and would have remained so. What is striking is that he has a knack for that. The Dries van Noten man collection and the Dries van Noten shirt line are great examples. Another notable aspect about this talented designer is his ability to collaborate with experts of varied crafts to create designs that incorporate the best from both the worlds. That is why you will notice brilliant traces of crafts like typography, visual art and photography in his designs.

The 2012 spring summer women’s wear collection by van Noten dwelt heavily on photography. For this collection van Noten borrowed the theme from the ‘Lightscapes’ photo series by ace photographer James Reeve. Van Noten’s idea was not simply to merge two crafts but to create something by collaborating fashion and photography. He aptly named this collection as ‘Garments, Lightscapes’.

According to Reeve, the theme of this particular photo series was darkness and most of it was shot at twilight. Taking a cue from Reeve’s novel idea, van Noten conceptualized a design with an element that was very new to the fashion world. He admits that the prints that he used are usually not meant for fabrics, but he did it. Therefore this collection reflects things like etchings from the 18th century and butterfly wings (technical drawings). The unique thing about this collection is that it does not simply reflect the photos created by Reeve but rather a vision that is an amalgamation of two crafts coming alive on pieces of clothing. A fine example is the collared jacket from this collection that features a photograph of Beirut’s skyline taken from the sky by Reeve.

For fashion goers it is indeed a delight to collect van Noten collections. As described above, van Noten’s other remarkable clothing lines like the Dries van Noten shirt line and the Dries van Noten man collection too have a fantastic fan following. It is evident that van Noten’s idea behind his endeavor is to create the best that is possible beyond the conventional. Hopefully he will continue to churn out more delightful collections in the future.

Kenzo Global Fashion

If you are looking for variety in fashion then there is one name that won’t let you down. It’s Kenzo Takada who hails from Japan. Kenzo fashion products and accessories offer you variety that you will rarely find in some other label. Although he started out in 1970 in Paris, it took him thirteen years to taste success with his menswear collection. His brand became a name to reckon with and after opening outlets in leading cities of France he also set up shop in Tokyo, Milan, Copenhagen and London. As he began to expand, his collections too swelled and he added women’s wear to his existing line. That was in 1986 and he added another line named the junior line. At the same time he also introduced kenzo jungle and jeans collection.

In the world fashion circle, Takada’s ‘Around the World in Eighty days’ menswear collection is considered to be quite notable. Kenzo who happens to be a widely traveled fashion designer has gained prominence over the years by virtue of his multicultural designs. His fashion styles particularly the ethnic ones are highly compatible and diverse. If you look closely at his numerous collections, you will discover that he has been consistently combining different style trends that he picked up during his global journey.

Generally speaking, he has got a vast collection of fashion products and accessories. Check out kenzo online and you will realize this fact. However there are a few gems amongst that vast collection that are very popular. For example the heavy Scandinavian sweaters, the Mexican rebozos and the Romanian peasant skirts. Apart from these there are the Riviera inspired sunshade-striped beach skirts, the Portuguese styled purses etc. His new clothing line with its rich colours and textures reflect design inspiration from North America, Egypt, Africa and India.

Kenzo online not only showcases the unique collections of this fashion traveler but also reflects his efforts born out of his interest in different fashion trends prevailing in various regions of the world. Maybe because of that this designer could set up 37 boutiques in places located around the globe. There are also a total of 124 kenzo sale outlets. In recent times another popular fashion giant named the House of Louis Vuitton took over these outlets.

It has been a great journey so far and for the fashion conscious it is indeed a fantastic feeling to lay their hands on products and accessories created by kenzo.

Rick Owens Dark Shadow- Truly Incredible Fashion

If you want the name of one designer who has become a cult name in the fashion world by dint of his incredible work then it must be surely Rick Owens. Hailing from California, he shifted to Paris to study art. However it was pattern cutting that caught his fancy. It took him a couple of years to master it and when he was ready, he launched his collection. The rest as they say is history as far as fashion is concerned. When we talk about Rick Owens, we are reminded of the three fantastic collections from his stable. If leather jackets and knits are his main line collection then his Lilies collection is all about jersey fabrics. But it is his denim line that is christened as Dark Shadow or DRK SHDW in short which is very famous.

So let’s have a brief look at the rick owens dark shadow or rick owens drk shdw line of denims and why these are so amazing. The denims under this line of collection stress on the white colour or colours with dark hues. Therefore you will come across colours like dark shadow, horse lung, black, stone and sand which are all dark shades. One unique aspect that you will notice in the rick owens dark shadow or rick owens drk shdw line of denims is that oily and dirty finish. On the other hand his main line collection that focuses on leather showcases some of the most amazing bags and footwear. It is a known fact that the leather jackets designed by Rick Owens are one of the most sought after pieces. His accessories too have a healthy fan following.

Talking of accessories, mention must be made about two leading brands namely uniform wares and orlebar brown. While the former is a British brand that makes wristwatches, the latter is known for its stylish and contemporary swimwear for men.

Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles are the two guys who founded uniform wares and under this brand they make wristwatches that are both clean-looking and vintage. The movements inside their wristwatches are either Japanese or Swiss made. One of their popular models is the Calendar Watch (200 Series) that is priced at 200 pounds.

Since its inception in 2007, orlebar brown have been developing men’s swimwear along with shorts and shirts. The fashion savvy consumers consider such stuff as must wear because of their directional designs. Why not try out to see if these high fashion labels suits your personality or not.

Wrong Weather the complete men fashion provider

Wrong weather is an online outlet for new style outfits exclusively for men. Wrong weather is a Portugal based company which offers showrooms as well as online shopping outlets. The products they manufacture or sell is designed so well with comparison recent design and arts which is now the best fashion trend. The employees of this company use to design the outfits by checking the propensity of the people about fashion.  This company also offers accessories which will surely make a man more beautiful, attractive and charming. If you go through their website then you will find lots of designs and top class art accessories and you will be puzzled if you have to choose just few because all the items will surely amaze you. If you go for their product you will experience a unique experience for sure. They offers self-named clothes as well as accessories, also foot wares, lifestyle items like magazines to get updated with the world fashion. All the products are of reasonable price and affordable to all. As a whole this is an era for complete fashion for men and to attract others.

On clothing category there are jeans and T-shirts as well as sweatshirts, Jackets, swim wears, suits and lots of items. In jeans section APC jeans has most demand among the other brands. These APC jeans are all Petit Standard Jeans and those are available for 28to34 sizes and the colour of the items available in black or blue. The price for each jeans has a range between £ 135 and £ 165. All these pants will make you feel extreme comfort, so try it to get matched with current fashion trend.

Dries Van Noten is a brand under that there are Hoxie Scatt Print T-Shirts which are exclusively designed for men. Also there are fashionable wallets available in black and blue which all are the products of Dries Van Noten brand. Also there are other products of this brand is available on the website of wrong weather like brown leather mobile case, leather messenger bag which is available in various colours and more items.

On the other hand Kenzois another brand, whose products are marketed through the website of wrong weather. T-shirts, Trousers, Blazers, V-Neck Pullover and other items are the main products of Kenzo. They offer free shipping to the customers. Just login to purchase the products and provide the address following the payment of the bill. They will deliver the product as like express service.